Welcome Bands:

For General Booking, please contact us at: ralphsbooking@gmail.com

For Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Extreme Metal, or Grindcore Booking,
Please contact Metal Chris at: metalthursday@gmail.com

Visit our flyer gallery page to upload your show flyers
We'll have them up on the site in no time!

Be sure to include all your band related website links in your message
Please Keep Bio's brief

Set times are at 9:30pm, 10:30pm, 11:30pm, and 12:30am

Bands MUST be able to play a 45 minute set unless otherwise specified
SET TIMES ARE FINAL. Event calendar may not reflect the set order

On the night of your show, please arrive early, see a new band, or have a burger!
Please don't be late, but if you are going to be late, call the club.
Bands please do not ask for payment before 1 AM

LOAD IN is @ 8PM. There is no backline
Any sound related questions, tech specs etc, please contact
Sound Guy Steve at: s.merrowsound@yahoo.com

Once booked, Please make time to come to the club and promote your show
Hang up posters, hand out flyers, etc...

Please email your show flyers to: ralphsbooking@gmail.com so we can use them
to promote shows online

- Ralph's Rock Diner

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